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Canada joins California over Trump in standing up for better, cleaner cars

VICTORIA — Dan Woynillowicz, policy director at Clean Energy Canada, made the following statement in response to the federal government’s announcement that it will collaborate with California in developing vehicle emission regulations for cars, SUVs and pickup trucks as President Donald Trump aims to weaken them.

“Amid high gas prices and increasingly visible climate change impacts, who wouldn’t want a cleaner, more fuel-efficient car or truck? They’re not only better for the environment, they also mean lower gas bills for Canadians.

“The current regulations—designed by the Obama administration and adopted by former Prime Minister Stephen Harper—were a no-brainer, requiring automakers to build increasingly clean, efficient vehicles. Unfortunately, President Donald Trump will be rolling them back.

“We’re happy to hear that Canada will collaborate directly with California, and the 13 other states following California’s lead, in aiming to keep these crucial regulations in place. Without them, Canada would have a much tougher time meeting its Paris Agreement climate commitments. 

“Thankfully, we’re in good company. With Canada stepping up today, jurisdictions wishing to keep the rules in place now represent a majority of the U.S.-Canada market.

“It’s the right move, and we think Canadians will agree. In a recent public opinion survey conducted by Pollara on behalf of Clean Energy Canada, two-thirds of Canadians were supportive of the current vehicle emission standards. They frequently cited cutting pollution, improving public health, improving vehicle efficiency, and spending less on gas as reasons for their support.

“Given the upcoming federal election, the question now is, will other federal parties commit to taking steps to keep these regulations in place? Their answer has implications for Canada’s efforts on climate change and for Canadians’ wallets.”


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