Clean Energy Canada | British Columbia's Climate Leadership Fizzles
August 19, 2016

Graphic from the B.C. Climate Leadership Plan

VANCOUVER—Merran Smith, executive director of Clean Energy Canada and a member of the Government of British Columbia’s Climate Leadership Team, made the following comments in response to the release of the B.C. climate plan: 

“A climate leadership plan should do two basic things: cut carbon pollution, and help British Columbians prosper from the shift to a clean economy. This plan fails on both counts.

“With this plan, British Columbia’s carbon pollution will be the same in 2030 as it is today. Instead of bold action, B.C.’s climate leadership has fizzled.

“Despite the smooth presentation, this plan is full of holes. The only actions British Columbians can count on are the few that come backed by regulations or dollars. That means more than half of the emissions reductions counted in this plan may never materialize.

“Forfeiting British Columbia’s hard-earned reputation for climate leadership—and the investment and benefits it brings—shortchanges all British Columbians, now and into the future. This is not focusing on building the economy of the future, it is focused on propping up the economy of the past.

“British Columbians know firsthand that climate leadership pays off. It spurs clean growth, creates new jobs and gives us a competitive advantage as our major trading partners seek out the clean technologies and energy sources we are developing.

“Quebec and Ontario have climate plans that will significantly reduce their carbon pollution. Each province needs to pitch in to get Canada to its national climate target—and B.C. is now among the provinces that need to step up.”

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