Clean Energy Canada | B.C.’s extended heat pump program meets the moment
May 13, 2024

a row of residential heat pumps installed outside brick home

VICTORIA — Evan Pivnick, clean energy program manager at Clean Energy Canada, made the following statement in response to the announcement of B.C.’s extended heart pump program.

“The cost of living in B.C. is feeling higher than ever, and the energy bills British Columbians pay for fossil fuels are no small part of this. That is why today’s announcement of up to $255 million in joint federal and provincial funding to help make heat pumps more accessible is such welcome news.

“Heat pumps are the lowest-cost option for heating and cooling for a majority of homes in Canada. In B.C., this funding will bring those costs down even more, helping households across the province access this cost-saving, climate-friendly technology. Critically, heat pumps also provide cooling, comfort, and safety to British Columbians as our summers grow hotter and more dangerous.

“A recent Clean Energy Canada analysis found that a family that adopts a few common clean energy solutions—including EVs and heat pumps—could knock $800 off their monthly energy bills compared to one that is largely reliant on fossil fuels. While a separate study from the Canadian Climate Institute found that heat pumps are less costly than gas and air conditioning in most cases, and that this is especially true for Vancouver across multiple housing types.

“We commend both the provincial and federal governments for working together on this critical file. Fighting the causes of climate change, helping people adapt to the impacts of climate change, and improving household affordability are each mountainous undertakings. Today, B.C. is making progress on all of the above. We are a country of divided power, and only through honest collaboration can we overcome our greatest challenges and seize our best opportunities.”