Clean Energy Canada | B.C. climate leadership team's recommendations would deliver jobs and prosperity
May 1, 2017

VANCOUVER — Merran Smith, executive director of Clean Energy Canada, made the following statement in response to the B.C. NDP’s announcement that, if elected, the party will renew the B.C. Climate Leadership Team and adopt their recommendations:

“Implementing the Climate Leadership Team’s recommendations is the right move for B.C. As a package, these actions will ensure our province cuts carbon pollution, spurs clean growth, creates new jobs and gives us a competitive advantage as our major trading partners seek out the clean technologies and energy sources we are developing.

“I was proud to be appointed to the Climate Leadership Team by Premier Clark’s government, and I stand behind the Team’s recommendations. Unfortunately, the Liberal Plan fails the most basic test: it won’t sufficiently cut carbon pollution, and it won’t help British Columbians prosper from the shift to a clean economy.

“Building a clean growth economy is not about politics or partisanship—it’s about good public policy that serves British Columbians. Just as I supported Premier Campbell’s carbon tax in the 2009 election, I support John Horgan’s commitment to act on the Climate Leadership Team’s recommendations.”


  • B.C.’s annual carbon pollution is set to increase by 8 million tonnes by 2030. Carbon pollution from LNG and natural gas, industry and utilities, and transport and buildings is projected to hit 68 million tonnes in 2030 under B.C.’s current climate plan.
  • Increasing carbon pollution by 8 million tonnes is akin to adding two million cars to B.C.’s roads each year.
  • Clean Energy Canada estimates that jobs would increase by 210,000 in the service sector, 35,000 in the resource sector, and 29,000 in clean energy and technology as carbon pollution decreases to meet B.C.’s commitments.