Webinar: Fixing Canada’s Car Conundrum


Canada has a car conundrum. According to the International Energy Agency, Canadians drive the most polluting cars in the world. And over the past 20 years, carbon pollution from transportation has gone up. Meanwhile, the auto sector is down. Once a global top-five auto manufacturer, Canada now doesn’t even crack the top 10.

But there are recent signs of change, with a few major automakers announcing plans to bring EV production here. Will this be enough for Canada to fix its car conundrum and carve out a space in the growing global EV market? If not, what more will it take?

Watch this webinar with Clean Energy Canada’s Merran Smith, Sarah Petrevan and Joanna Kyriazis as well as special guests Colin McKerracher from BloombergNEF, Flavio Volpe from the APMA and Ken Bondy from Unifor.

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