Clean energy at work

Meet the Canadians powering this country’s shift to clean prosperity. Learn the untold stories behind today’s energy transition.

I kind of have the best job. I pay for energy savings, giving money to our customers to save energy and upgrade their facility.

- Natalie McLauchlin,
Director of Program Operations, Conservation and Demand Management, Alectra Utlilities

Nathalie McLauchlin will pay you to use less power

Nathalie McLauchlin loves saving energy so much that she even enjoys paying her customers to make it happen. At her day job as director of program operations, conservation and demand management for...

These new Vancouver homes save energy and money

While Vancouver’s Main Street buzzes with locals trying to beat the summer heat in one of the city’s most walkable neighbourhoods, a block away at Hayden by inHaus, the buzz is from construction....