Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and premiers in Vancouver, March 3, 2016

Even the very best get it wrong sometimes. That’s the only explanation we’ve got for a recent column from environmentalist Bill McKibben. In it, McKibben calls Justin Trudeau a “stunning hypocrite” on climate change whose actions make him a “brother” to climate sceptic Donald Trump. Most of the time, McKibben is a brilliant writer and…

If you want proof that carbon pricing is both an environmental and economic solution, take a walk through the headquarters of Markham-based Pond Technologies. What you’ll find are containers and tanks bubbling green with algae that efficiently suck up greenhouse-gas emissions for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The company has spent years perfecting the process of…

Looking for a job in clean technology? They must be easy to spot, with more than 850 firms nationally employing more Canadians than the forestry, pharmaceutical, or medical device industries. In fact, there are more Canadian cleantech companies than aerospace (700) or automotive (450) firms. But would you recognize a clean technology job if you…

“We are witnessing a transformation of global power markets led by renewables.” Those were the words of Fatih Birol, executive director of the International Energy Agency—an institution often noted for its conservative tendencies when it comes to renewable energy. The global clean energy transition has taken hold. Hundreds of billions of dollars flow into new…

TORONTO—Sarah Petrevan, senior policy advisor at Clean Energy Canada, commented today on the release of the summary report from Ontario’s first cap and trade auction: “Today’s results are a vote of confidence in Ontario’s cap and trade system. With virtually 100 per cent of the available 2017 allowances sold, the province is on the right…

Opening the Government of Canada’s budget papers last week felt strangely celebratory. Budget day happened to fall on my birthday, and one of the policies I care about most is getting public procurement right. So it felt like unwrapping a gift when I read Ottawa’s new procurement plans, which will help spark clean energy innovation….

Amidst the flurry of headlines about the 2017 federal budget, Ontario held its first cap and trade auction last week. While it will take a few more weeks for the results to be calculated and posted, let’s review why Ontario decided to price carbon pollution in the first place, and why it’s the right choice….

Tipping points: those elusive moments when a technology goes mainstream. Much has been written in the debate over whether that moment for renewable energy has passed, is fast approaching, or is still a ways away. The true tipping point will only become apparent in the rear-view mirror, and it won’t be defined by a single…

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