As a key player in reducing greenhouse gases, carbon pricing is a crucial step towards building a credible climate action plan for many generations to come. Below are our stories on how carbon emissions is impacting climate change.

In a new report released this morning, the Fraser Institute paints a simplistic portrait of Ontario’s coal phaseout—the single largest greenhouse gas reduction initiative in North America to date. Evaluating the coal phaseout solely on the basis of particulate matter and air quality misses the bigger picture—that burning coal for energy contributes to climate change…

Survey also shows most Canadians support a transition from fossil fuel reliance as quickly as possible, including half in Alberta OTTAWA—New public opinion research found that roughly 20 million Canadian adults (69 per cent) heard something about the recent First Ministers’ Meeting on climate—including 9 million who heard either a lot or a fair bit…

We congratulate the Prime Minister and Premiers on achieving a national plan to drive clean growth and make real progress on climate change.  This plan includes the key elements needed to do so, including a rising price on carbon, world class standards for clean power and energy efficiency, major investments in clean infrastructure like buildings,…

It’s a whole new ballgame for climate action and clean growth in Canada. The climate deal struck late Friday in Ottawa committed premiers and the prime minister to work together to hit our country’s emission targets. Despite two holdouts — Manitoba and Saskatchewan — that’s an unprecedented accomplishment on climate change in our federation. Thanks largely to B.C….

First Ministers Meeting on climate December 2016

OTTAWA—Clean Energy Canada released the following statement in response to the Pan-Canadian Framework on Clean Growth and Climate Change released today: QUOTES “For the first time, governments across Canada are working together to hit a national climate target. That’s real progress. “It took leadership from the federal government and many of the premiers to get today’s…

The true measure of any climate plan can be boiled down to one question: how well does it reduce carbon pollution? Apply this test to the B.C. Climate Leadership Plan, which involved more than 15 months of consultation before its August release, and the answer is clear: the plan fails. Recently, Clean Energy Canada worked…

VANCOUVER / COAST SALISH TERRITORY — Today, the Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions, Pembina Institute, and Clean Energy Canada released the first independent assessment of British Columbia’s Climate Leadership Plan in combination with the federal government’s recently announced carbon price schedule. The analysis, prepared by Navius Research, projects that the combined carbon pollution from LNG…

The 150-year history of Confederation is but a speck of time compared to the lifespan of planet earth. Birthdays are a good time to look back, but an even better time to look forward. As Canadians, we sometimes downplay what we have accomplished and underestimate what we can do next. But let’s step outside our…

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